Thursday, September 10, 2009


Three generation pic
elder martins (my trainer) Me Elder Schoen
elder schoen is the one with the purple tie.

Well, things are going EXCELLENT here in Sao Roque right now. I am very happy. First things first, thanks for the awesome pictures and the info about the other two mishies. Still havent seen elder walsh from texas. We had a bunch of newbies come into the mission today, but they said that they dont know who he his..we shall see.
So, as for things that i am needing...i would like another pair of gray pants. The ones that i got last year just ripped today! However, i am going to go try to find someone to fix it. Other than that, i am doing pretty good with missionary supplies. My only other request is an english hymnal...yeah. I think thats it.
Also, shout outs to:
KATRINE i got your other letter today!
Well, the first big news is that I HAVE A NEW COMPANION!!! Second bit
haha, i am the proud new father of a bouncing six foot two elder from Mesa, AZ. His name is Elder J.D. Schoen and so far things are going pretty awesome. I am definitely excited to have the chance to train! It is going to be great fun, and we get along pretty well. Sao Roque is going to grow like never before, i can feel it. Of course, he is still struggling a little with the language, but before long i bet he will be speaking like a pro. The most important part is his attitude and readiness to work! hallelujah
This past week has gone pretty well over all. A lot of things have happened. We were able to get 4 new people to go to church...finally. they liked it alot. However, we still ahve a battle with them to keep them reading and really accept a baptism date. It is one of those situations where they like it, but they still havent PRAYED, so they dont have a testimony. It is so interesting, the easiest part is to pray, but it is almost as if people are scared to get the answer from heavenly father.
Also, we were able to see some interesting things happen with some other investigators of ours. If you remember Alexandre, he is the son of members, but has problems with the word of wisdom. He used to tell us that he just had problems with alcohol and smoking, but he had been hiding his other addictions. Sunday, when he went there, i guess he had decided that he wasnt going to do it anymore and was going through some pretty rough moments. It seems like withdrawals were tearing him apart. However, he asked us to give him a blessing, and it was an incredible experience. It calmed him down a lot. Even cooler, the other people there in the room said that a different feeling came and that it didnt seem like I was speaking, but as if Heavenly Father was speaking through me. Was super cool. The priesthood is real.
Also, funny thing, i heard that the huskies had lost on monday! Sister Cooley, the mission presidents wife, told me when i gave her a call about some of my comps health issues. it was pretty funny. even though we lost, seems like we put up a good fight! Go Dawgs!
And, congrats to BYU for the Oklahoma defeat! Sweet!
Love you all. Bryan

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