Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Absolutely Incredible

Pics will be downloaded when Mom gets back home...she's on the road.
So, before anythings else
It is super funny because i found out about it right when it happened...Sister Cooley called me! haha, I love her

Alright, so yea, the pants and shoes are perfect. If you could include one thing in the box, could you already send some more hair stuff? I just like having a back up. Other than that, i think that it is all pretty good.

Shout outs to
Daniel Stewart! i miss ya man! wish i could have been at the game! Write me a letter sua fubeca!
Katrine! Cant believe the letter hasnt gotten there yet...but it should be going. And yes, you can keep writing

Onnnnnnnnnnnnn to the week
So, things are going absolutely INCREDIBLY well here in Sao Roque. I am seriously having more happiness and success than i have ever had on the mission! LIke, we still have some difficulties with people, but we have been teaching a ton and we were able to mark some more dates and we got a lot of people to go to church!

So, to start off, we invited a family to go to baptism over the weekend, and they accepted. Unfortunately, their story is a super sad one. A few months ago, their oldest son passed away. They have been having a super hard time with this. Saturday, we watched Together Forever with them and talked about how they can be together forever with their son, if they follow Christ. It was a super spiritual experience, and they all accepted to be baptized next month.

Also, we have been teaching another family, but the problem in this other family is alcohol. We finally got to teach the Word of Wisdom to them...and we had to teach it three times for the drinking husband to understand haha. After the first time, the guy literally said in our next visit "mas, uma cervejinha uma vez em quando nâo machuca ninguem" basically, a little beer every once in a while doesnt hurt anyone...the only problem is that he drinks a lot and gets pretty drunk. However, i think he is understanding better these days.

Like I said, we have been ahving a ton of success. The Lord is just opening up the heavens and just blessing us with happy, progressing investigators. The entire district is actually doing a lot better. But yeah, im way happy right now. Actually, Elder Schoen and I just went out and we bought fake watches! What Bling! I bought a Montblanc and he bought a Emporio Armani...both for 12 bucks. I love fake brazilian gear.

But yeah, hope things are going great back home!! Elder Bry

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Kaelene Schoen said...

Thank you so much for contacting me! It is so wonderful to get the story from another perspective. Elder Schoen is very grateful to have Elder Briggs. They sound like they get along good and JD was fearful his first companion would not be in the mood to work! Thank you again for letting us know about your son's blog, we will check it weekly:) Love to such a great family - Sis. Schoen.