Thursday, February 26, 2009

Splash Mountain...

Ok, first picture is part of the path through the field between Novo Mundo and Boituva. In fact, you can see Novo Mundo there in the background. Second picture, just before my adventure Spash Mountain style. Third and Fourth, Elder Cruz and I were just having fun during our little party for first week of the transfer. We got icecream, ordered pizza, and talked about disney movies and home alone haha. Gosh, i really want to watch home alone again. And Lion King is amazing.
Well, my whole email just got deleted halfway through..darn it ok, start over. ...say hi to caryn for me! Ask her if she ever got my letter...cuz i sent one a while ago. And sorry GJ, i didnt get your email..not sure what happened there.
Ok, so, it is going great with my new comp. We are already pretty good friends, which is great. Getting to know him better has been a lot of fun, especially since its all been in portuguese and i have been talking and understanding pretty well (thank you gift of tongues). Anyways, Elder Cruz is from Balneario Camboriu, Santa Catarina, Brasil. He has lived there for a while, but before then, he lived in Ogden, Utah for three years. The kid is about as american as it gets for being a brazillian. Plus, his namorada is going to school at BYU. Found out some fun things about the family too. Turns out his brother is a Disney star. Go ahead and google Moroni Cruz, and you will find that his younger brother has been in quite a few disney shows, High School Musical, and will star in High School Musical: Brasil. Pretty exciting huh. But yeah, things are going great, we are teaching well together and have had quite a few adventures already.
First adventure...Splash Mountain. So, this happened on saturday. We started out in Novo Mundo (a neighborhood about 30 min walk out of Boituva) and we were coming back through a field and forest and all that fun stuff. IN fact, same path that we took when i took that picture of me in front of those trees that you liked so much. Anyways, there is a good little stream that we have to cross right at the very end. Only thing is, it is just big enough to make trying to jump over it not a very wise option. Usually, there are some wood boards there to kind of serve as a make shift bridge. However, of course, they were not present at this time. So, using my keen intellect, we decided to hike up about 100 yards to cross at a dam (picture included). I have crossed once before, and was pretty confident. How you go about it is walk across while holding firmly to the metal fence on the top, thereby seeing you safely to the other side. Long story shirt, i didnt hold firmly enough, slipped, and fell. Yeah. Fun stuff. I got pretty wet and dirty and a little banged up. But, luckily, a member lives real nearby so i was able to get all fixed up and everything. Dont worry mom, everything is great right now, totally healed and clean and safe :) But it was pretty funny haha...
Adventure 2. The Lord of the Keys. So, this happened a lot more recently. Was Monday night, and Elder Cruz and I were returning home from Novo Mundo. It was late, we were tired, and definitely pretty hungry. So, we got home to the apartment, put the key in the door, and it snapped. Yes, you read right, we broke our key in the apartment door, effectively locking us out at night...during Carnaval no less. So, a lot more things happened, called our leaders, figured out Plans A, B, and C...and ended up having to go with Plan C, which was spend the night at a members house. Whoa, that was weird. I mean, would have been completely normal and pretty cool if i wasnt a missionary. But yeah, interesting experience sleeping on the floor in dress pants haha. but, everything turned out all right, we got up in the morning and searched out a key maker and he got everything fixed up for us.
So, another funny story. This next story is more inspiring. We had an amazing sunday. Elder Cruz and I marked five baptism dates. Two families and one funny old man named Vicente. But yeah, it is amazing seeing the strength and testemonies that they have been developing. This really is the best part of mish work, seeing that you are making a positive difference in the lives of cool.
Well, i think that is about it for now... I love you all! Miss you guys a ton, especially the last couple days for a reason...i was really `trunky` go figure...but, I know that i am in the right place. Gosh, i just cant ever say enough about how grateful i am for the mission. really is an amazing experience unlike any other. The Church is True. Love you...Keep up the awesome work! Glad that you guys are writing Jonathan, i just wrote a letter to him today, but i will include a little line saying that you received his letter and are writing back.
btw, quick shout out to Bishop Sansborn, I sent a letter to you today, so you can expect one whenever it gets there from here

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