Thursday, February 11, 2010

A am a big lumbering American

first pic, three gringos at the playground

second pic, me perry and natasha, the girl that will get baptized, at her house. in the background is a good view of our area

other pics from mission

shout outs to
Katrine! received a letter and sent one
Amy Jones! ditto to the above

onnnnnnnnn to the week
So, things are pretty interesting. There was a ward baptism last week - we had fun preparing for that and we combined it with a baptism from another area, good event, lots of people. Also, we have been able to close in on another baptism for this week. Her name is Natasha, she is 12, and she is Igor´s sister. Even cooler was that their mom came back to church this week! Super awesome. Since I've gotten here, there has been just 70ish members every week in the sacrament meeting, but this past Sunday it got up to about 115! It was awesome! A super good testimony meeting that everyone loved and left our investigators going away impressed. Hopefully there are some more good things coming in the next weeks.

In other interesting news, the sun is finally starting to come out, but there was a huuuuge thunderstorm today that knocked out the power in the entire area! So, we had to get a bus to go to another area and find a lanhouse to send the emails. Actually, this place is a heck of a lot better than the lanhouse we use...I'm kind of contemplating using it every week.

Also, today was a sweet soccer day. We played sand soccer with a bunch of kids in Taipas. I am continually realizing that i am too much of a big lumbering American to play attack, but I am definitely BA in the goal. It was going pretty well haha.

Ive started doing this fun thing recently by just inviting people to be baptized when I talk to them in the street. It isnt as forward as you imagine, and I've actually had some success doing it. I am carrying around a picture of Christ´s baptism and I stop people and say "have you been baptized like Christ was?" and then I invite to be baptized and write down the address. Fun.

Well, I cant think of other stuff to write right now, other than that I am totally bummed that I am missing out on the Winter Olympics...I sooo wanted to go to those in Vancouver! oh well, I guess I will just have to return to Brasil for the olympics in Rio.

Love ya


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