Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Delayed by a bird!

Elder Briggs 6am flight was cancelled this morning. A bird hit the plane. So now we await the next flight out at 1pm. His Uncle Mike & Aunt Alane will be taking him to the MTC, we are awaiting word as to how to proceed. So our 4am wake up call was just an exersize in patience.

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Don Layton said...

Greetings to the Briggs family. Great news about Bryan FINALLY heading out. He's going to be so good.

We saw Kelsey tonight. I meant to ask her about Bryan's departure - how it went and so on. Briana said the poor girl had to say goodbye three seperate times. Some things just aren't quite fair.

Of course the good thing is that they love each other so much that it makes it hard when they are apart. When I left on my mission, my sister had a party (okay, that's a stretch).

I'm writing to Sean right now to let him know what's going on with Bryan. I know he'll want to write to him and know what's going on.

Don Layton